Barrel Rolling With A Thrillionaire Entrepreneur

Founding a technology company can be an exercise in excitement, adrenaline, stomach-flips and occasional nausea. When that starts to get old, some tech founders search for those same feelings in aerobatic flight. 33-year-old serial entrepreneur Divyank Turakhia is running his seventh business, contextual ads company But when he’s out of the office, he’s often in the sky, pushing the limits of a tiny but powerful plane as it shoots up, corkscrews sideways and tumbles down over the Pacific Ocean. Turakhia sees his time in the cockpit as similar to leading a company, but with more literal stakes. “Aerobatics is like business,” he told FORBES on a recent sunny day at the Fullerton Airport near Los Angeles. “It’s fun if it’s done right. If it’s not, you crash and burn. So you have to know your limitations. … You have to have a backup plan of a backup plan.” FORBES’ steel-stomached video team flew alongside Turakhia – at times, leaning out of an open doorway to capture the shot — to get a view of what he does for fun.
SourceEllen Huet, ,26th May, 2015
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