Cabarita surfer displaying the diversity of the sport

SURFING: Cabarita's Chippa Wilson is one of those rare breed of professional surfers who has carved out a reputation of risk surfing and shooting for the sky. At 11 years of age, his Dad bought him his first surfboard from Robbie Johnson, a standout surfer from Cabarita.

Wilson has established a solid reputation with awarding-winning movies. His Octopus movie was voted the Nikon Surf Video of the year at the recent Surfing Australia Awards.

In Hawaii last year he joined Noa Deane to collect more movie awards for state-of-the-art, break free performances. These guys aren't the norm, they are surfing's new underground heroes where movies and radical air moves generate a global following.

Although when an air-show comes to town, such as the recent Red Bull Aerial, both were given automatic invitations.

Both failed to make the finals with Wilson narrowly missing out in seventh.

Currently there is a great debate on the way surfing is being judged. The judging direction is slanted to innovation and risk over flow and style. But when these guys go to the air and pull off impossible rotations that you could only dream about, it shows surfing evolving into a new stratosphere.

Seemingly un-makeable situations completed are rewarded and score higher when defying the laws of gravity and taking it to the limit. Some will argue against this but it was kind of of ironic that Brazil's Italo Ferreira won both the air show and the Quiksilver Pro. For Chippa he has chosen the freedom of expression rather than the grind. He has the luxury of go surf, create his own brand of boards with Caba's Matt Hurworth or take off in his big Chevy and go camping and fishing.

As a pro junior, Wilson was a contender but he preferred to go big and break away rather than being crushed by the mainstream monotony of professional surfing. His fans expect no less. He is naturally calm under pressure with raw explosive talent that knows no bounds. This is what makes surfing so dramatically different to main stream sports. A professional surfer without competition. Such is the diversity of the sport and the difference between styles.

This ain't a level playing field and pro surfers can retire off the World Tour but continue to make a professional living and still rip. That doesn't happen in other sports. When you retire it's not over as Mick and Joel have shown.

Last year Noa won the Texas Wave pool event from Chippa. They will continue to push the limits, create ground-breaking movies and keep us all guessing of what's next. That's the beauty of surfing and the ocean, we don't really know what's next.

"Growing up I watched a ton of snowboarding movies and I also used to skate a lot which helped and kept me inspired,” Wilson said.

"Over the many years of surfing, I've just focused on my own surfing and the rest come naturally now.

"I think I'll be opening up the snowboarding,surf and skate DVD box soon when these air events come closer.”

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