Stephen Curry shot the ball through the hoop twice because he’s Stephen Curry

Kevin Durant had 33 points and 13 rebounds, Stephen Curry contributed 28 points.

You will never beat Stephen Curry in a game of basketball or H-O-R-S-E. He simply doesn’t miss shots. He’s like an unfair character on NBA 2K19. And if you’ve been following his pregame shots, you’d know that he attempts these eye-popping shots to showcase his shooting prowess.

But this attempt takes the cake and them some.

Before the Golden State Warriors collided with the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday night, Curry left the crowd and his teammates in awe with this eye-popping shot. Only Curry could pull this off.

Curry, a two-time MVP, is averaging a league-best 32.5 points per game and shooting 55 percent from beyond the arc. He scoring at will, and no one can stop him. What’s next for Curry? Attempting a shot from the parking lot? If so, he’s still in range to bury it through the hoop.

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