Why David Beckham’s Latest Suit Teaches A Timeless Style Lesson

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Wardrobe staples are, by their very nature, something we use to fill in the blanks. And that means they're not always terribly exciting. Make like David Beckham however, and you've a surefire way to make the best of the basics (it is humanly possible, we promise).

At the Queen's Young Leaders Award Ceremony, the OBE honouree proved why every man needs a navy suit. It'll chime with a wide array of events on the calendar, sure. But in addition to the various Queen meetings and weddings and public announcements and general do-good-ery on Beckham's calendar, the humble blue suit is an easy way to flex colour without going overboard.

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What's more, a razor sharp fit speaks far louder than any left-field gimmick or on-trend move - and it'll age a lot better too. That means you save a few extra quid for alteration (unlike Beckham, you don't always have to head down Savile Row), and finish with all the right accessories: pocket square, a minimally detailed tie and a Swiss watch if you're feeling extra fancy.

SOURCE https://www.esquire.com/uk/style/a21984121/why-david-beckhams-latest-suit-teaches-a-timeless-style-lesson/
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