10 Movie Scenes That Nearly Killed The Actor Performing It, According To Reddit

Reddit discusses a number of notable movie scenes which almost killed the person who was acting in them.

Wakanda Forever, like so many of the other movies in the MCU, is sure to be filled with startling and exciting feats of stunt work. Such moments highlight one of the key pleasures of the movies, which is to show audiences the almost miraculous things that the human body is capable of achieving.

However, it is often the case that such feats come with a cost. As Redditors have repeatedly pointed out, there are a number of notable instances in which an actor or a stunt person was nearly killed while filming, a reminder of just how perilous the movies can be.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (1966)

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, like many other spaghetti westerns, is very much about the trials and tribulations of the body. This was as true for the actors as it was for the characters, particularly Eli Wallach, who endured not one but three threats to his life. He accidentally drank acid, he was almost hanged by accident, and was almost decapitated during a train scene.

As Redditor TheBrands360 puts it: “ It’s a miracle he made it out the set alive before the end credits. A better question would be: “What movie scene didn’t nearly kill Wallach performing it?” It is perhaps the dangerous filming that gives the movie its potent and visceral authenticity.

The Adventures Of Robin Hood (1938)

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Robin Hood is widely seen as one of the best movies of the 1930s. With its swashbuckling adventure and the undeniable charisma of Errol Flynn in the title role, it is everything one could hope for from a movie about one of history’s most famous outlaws.

However, it wasn’t without its risks, for as linkhandford notes, the production “used live arrows on stunt actors wearing extra padding. They hired the best archer in the world to make the shots.” Dangerous though it might have been, this gives the movie an undeniable kinetic energy that helps to explain why it remains so popular.

Rush Hour (1998)

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Jackie Chan has always been one of Hollywood’s most charming stars. He knows how to smile in such a way that he casts a spell on both the camera and the audience. What’s more, he has also shown that he also knows how to stage an action sequence. This has meant that he sometimes puts his own physical safety at risk, such as in Rush Hour.

As NorrinSparrow223 notes: “there’s a brief moment at the beginning of the film where Jackie Chan has to pull his head out from between two metal boxes that were about to slam together. The problem was that they slammed shut quicker than anyone expected, and he was lucky that his reflexes were as fast as they were.”

The Wizard Of Oz (1939)

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The Wizard of Oz is truly a classic film, and it is often regarded as one of the best fantasy movies. However, there were a number of mishaps on the set, many of which were physically damaging to various members of the cast.

As DiamondBurintheRough points out: “Margaret Hamilton (Wicked Witch) was badly burned while doing a scene” in the film. The scenes in which she vanishes in gouts of flame might be visibly imposing, but they were clearly ones that carried with them a great deal of risk for those involved with making the film.

Deliverance (1972)

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Burt Reynolds was in many great movies, and there’s no question that Deliverance was one of his finest. It was a role that helped to show just how bankable he could be as a major star. What’s more, he was also very willing to do his own stunts, including going over a waterfall.

Kiermehn writes of the experience: “The director wanted to use a dummy for the stunt, but Burt wanted it to look real. The fall ruptured his spleen and he came close to dying.” Unfortunately, the entire affair didn’t make the final scene look all that much more realistic than if it had been done with a dummy.

A Clockwork Orange (1972)

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A Clockwork Orange is one of those movies which manages to be both deeply disturbing and utterly compelling all at the same time. A great deal of this can be attributed to Malcolm McDowell, who gives one of his most iconic and deranged performances in the role of Alex DeLarge.

As with many other actors, he endured quite a lot during filming, including a scene that almost cost him his life. TheGlen explains: “There was supposed to be an air nozzle in the tub when he was being drowned, but it didn't work and no one realized it.” Mortifying though it is, it does add another layer of complexity to an already fascinatingly bleak film.

Sherlock Jr. (1924)

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Buster Keaton managed to become a true comic icon during the days of silent cinema, though he was one of those who didn’t really make the transition to sound. Among other things, he excelled at physical comedy, sometimes at the expense of his own physical well-being.

TServo2049 recounts a particular moment that is enshrined in Hollywood history: “In Sherlock Jr., Buster Keaton did a stunt where he was hanging onto the spout of a railroad water tower, then the water started flowing out of the spout and knocked him to the ground. The scene went as planned, but the force of the water broke Keaton’s neck.” It’s a testament to Keaton’s fortitude that he kept on filming.

First Blood (1982)

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Rambo is often regarded as both one of Sylvester Stallone’s best movies and also one of the best action movies. Unsurprisingly, the film has many action set pieces, many of which involved Stallone doing some of his own stunts.

Unfortunately for him, this ended up in an injury. As Kimchi_Cowboy explains: “Stallone fell onto a tree in Rambo and it almost killed him. Hurt him pretty bad.” Though the film would go on to become a key part of the action film canon, it clearly came with something of a cost.

Napoleon And Samantha (1972)

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Jodi Foster has been in many notable roles, and one of her earliest was in the movie Napoleon and Samantha, two children who essentially adopt an aging circus lion. As one might expect, this led to some mishaps on the set, one of which was particularly scarring for the young Foster.

Travlynme2 writes: “Speaking on The Tonight Show, Foster said: "I was walking ahead of him. He was on an invisible leash, some piano wire. He got sick of me being slow, picked me up and held me sideways and shook me like a doll.” This was a truly traumatic moment for the young actress, and she still bears the psychological and physical scars.

Braveheart (1995)

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For many, Braveheart is one of the best epic movies. It’s easy to see why this would be the case, as it focuses on Mel Gibson’s William Wallace as he attempts to lead the Scots against the invading English.

While Gibson gives a stirring performance, the movie wasn’t without its hazards. As Thrusthamster writes: “Mel Gibson was almost crushed by a horse falling on him during a battle scene in Braveheart. A stuntman pulled him away right before it landed.” Gibson’s travail is a reminder of the physical cost of making epic movies of this sort.


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