5 Of The Best 60s Fashion Trends For Men

5 Of The Best 60s Fashion Trends For Men

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Whether you've seen Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and you're looking for some more 1960s style cues, or you're after an epic costume from this iconic era, we've rounded up the best 60s style trends for men and how you can replicate them today. 

What did men wear in the 60s?

The 1960s was a decade of pivotal, and often turbulent, change. It was marked by the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, the nuclear arms race, political assassinations and the creation of the contraceptive pill. These political, social and cultural changes were reflected in a diverse range of fashion trends, from the mod look to the hippie movement. 

1. Mod

1960s mod, or modernist, fashion is characterised by slim fits, clean lines, and narrow cuts. The style – embraced by The Who, Brian Jones and Steve McQueen – is undoubtedly one of the most enduring trends of the last century. Classic outfits featured box-like jackets, tapered trousers, knitted polo shirts, Italian-cut suits, bright colours and patterns. And plenty of these mod-style pieces are still staples on store shelves, including the Harrington jacket, Crombie coat and John Smedley knit polo.

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2. Bohemian/Hippie

This iconic counterculture movement began in the 1960s and it has a distinct style featuring psychedelic patterns, bright colours and flowing fabrics. From the width of pants to the collars on shirts – bigger is better when it comes to 1960s bohemian fashion. Musicians like Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison are some of the famous faces who embraced the eccentric style of dressing. Pieces for men include bell-bottom jeans, paisley prints and suede jackets. 

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3. Mad Men

While you might have the Swinging Sixties in mind when it comes to clothing, in the early years of this iconic decade many men still dressed conservatively. For an example of the style you need only look at the television phenomenon Mad Men. To channel fictional advertising tycoon Don Draper, opt for a classic, American, 60s suit in a muted colour with a single-breasted sack jacket and narrow lapels. And any well-dressed man wouldn't be seen without a white pocket square.

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4. Beatnik

The effortlessly cool 60s Beatnik style is one of the easiest to replicate from this era, seen on the likes of counterculture icons such as Andy Warhol and Bob Dylan. The look is characterised by black and white hues, streamlined silhouettes and androgynous cuts. Shop for black roll neck sweaters, black and white striped shirts, slim pants and a beret, if you're game. 

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5. Ivy League

Although it originated in the 1950s, the Ivy League look lingered long into 1960s men's fashion. The preppy style of dressing typically included Oxford shirts, striped college blazers, cable knit vests and jumpers, Ascot ties, tweed sports coats, chinos and penny loafer shoes.

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