Box Office: ‘Frozen 2’ Tops $1 Billion Worldwide

Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, and Jonathan Groff in Walt Disney's 'Frozen II'

The big holdover news is Walt Disney’s Frozen II passing the $1 billion mark in global grosses. That includes a $19.2 million domestic and $55.7 million overseas weekend, for a global $74.9 million frame. That gives the animated sequel a $366.5 million domestic cume (past Jungle Book) and $666 million overseas (cue “Ave Satani”) and $1.032.5 billion global. The strong overseas grosses alone will put it close to Frozen’s $1.276 billion cume by the end, although if it ends up short then blame Japan.

Frozen 2 has earned $67 million thus, a fine sum but well short thus far of the bonkers $247 million earned by the first Frozen there in 2014. Offhand, we could be looking at a total of $415 million domestic and $1.2 billion worldwide by the end. So, yeah, whether it makes it past $1.276 billion or not, it’s a huge hit and (once it passes Minions’s $1.1 billion cume) it’ll be the biggest animated sequel ever in raw global grosses.

Daniel Craig and Ana De Armas in Rian Johnson's 'Knives Out'

Daniel Craig and Ana De Armas in Rian Johnson's 'Knives Out' Lionsgate

Lionsgate, MRC and T-Street’s Knives Out earned $9.25 million (-35%) in its third weekend for a $78.92 million domestic cume. Rian Johnson’s acclaimed murder mystery has earned $162.2 million worldwide, potentially giving Lionsgate a new franchise. At this point, especially as it potentially out grosses a number of the preordained contenders, it has to be looked at as a dark horse Oscar contender.

It has rave reviews, strong buzz, decent legs and it’s about to zoom past Fox/Disney’s Ford v Ferrari ($184 million after a $9.2 million global weekend). Lionsgate’s Bombshell is going to open with $312,000 in four theaters this weekend, with a wide release on Friday, but I somehow don’t see the Fox News melodrama earning $42 million in its first five days. Either way, it’s a full-on studio programmer smash in an era when such things are exceedingly rare.


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