Death-defying F1 stunt breaks world record

Two stunt drivers have pulled off the extraordinary stunt of driving a Formula One car under a flying truck in a death-defying world record. Mark Ryan was behind the wheel of the Lotus team truck as it flew a remarkable 26.7m while Martin Ivanov was driving the Formula One car that veered underneath the flying semi-trailer. The extraordinary footage shows the truck and F1 car speeding along next to one another before the truck hits a ramp and is hurtled into the air. With the truck hurtling through the air, Ivanov drives under it before the truck lands violently and the two vehicles continue driving along. The stunt earned Ryan and Ivanov, who have worked on film franchises including James Bond, Jason Bourne and The Fast and the Furious, a place in the Guinness book of records. The incredible video was actually part of a promotion for EMC, a data management company that does work for the Lotus F1 team.
Source ,5th December, 2014
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