From single mom to self-made millionaire: the story of Stefania Lo Gatto

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Making it as an entrepreneur is hard. There are many challenges, including finding the right team, marketing strategies, and raising enough capital. It’s even more difficult if you are a female entrepreneur and a mother. Society looks down on women, and breaking into the corporate world as a woman is twice as hard. But this has not stopped Stefania Lo Gatto from making her mark.

Stefania has cemented her spot in a male-dominated industry and is now supporting other women entrepreneurs. As she grows her venture, Stefania shares her story to inspire women entrepreneurs and single mothers, showing them that it is possible to dominate in a “man’s world.”

Ten years ago, Stefania was a struggling mother of three boys. She had lost everything. Stefania didn’t even have enough money to buy food for her kids. She and the boys lived in a one-bedroom apartment as she couldn’t afford a bigger space. Fast forward to 2022, and Stefania is a successful entrepreneur making seven figures.

Stefania owns multiple businesses. She has shared the stage with global leaders like Tony Robbins and Richard Branson, showing people how to use network marketing to grow their brands.

Stefania is the Top Woman earner in Europe in the network marketing industry and number 4 on the Top Earners on the Business for Home website. She began network marketing ten years ago and has created a multi-million dollar empire. Stefania has connections in almost every country, which she leverages to expand her brand as she helps other women find their way in the business world.

“Society will always try to show you why you can’t make it,” says Stefania. “But you shouldn’t let what others think stop you from reaching your goal.”

When Stefania began her entrepreneurial journey, many tried to discourage her. Most people told her that it was impossible to make it with kids and her being blonde made it even more difficult.

The “dumb blonde” stereotype makes it harder for women born with naturally blonde hair, as a large portion of society often dismisses their ideas. This made it more challenging for Stefania to build her brand and businesses. Even though there were so many obstacles, Stefani didn’t give up. She has continued pushing, and today she is one of the top women entrepreneurs, with her work receiving worldwide recognition. Stefania has been nominated for numerous awards and is the recipient of the Million Dollar Hall of Fame Award. She was also invited to the European Direct Selling Congress in Amsterdam in 2018, bagging the top award.

“Being a mother doesn’t mean forgetting all your passion and hobbies. You can be good at both—you just need to find the balance,” says Stefania. She adds that second chances in life are real and possible. You can rebuild your life and give yourself and your kids a better future.

Stefania took a step toward her dream. She didn’t let what society thought stop her. She is now using her story to show other women, especially single moms, that they can rebuild their lives.

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By George Nellist

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