Heroic neighbours save family of three after Little Hulton fire

[promoslider category="Neighbours" width=640px height=300px] A HEROIC neighbour kicked the front door of a burning house 25 times before rescuing a woman from inside. Another local resident used a ladder to save two other members of the family from the house in Dovecote Lane, Little Hulton. The blaze started at about 1am and nearby residents were alerted by the screams of a 19-year-old girl. The emergency services were called but quick-thinking neighbour Mark Reilly used a ladder to rescue the teenager and her father from a smoke-filled bedroom. The girl’s mother was trapped in the downstairs of the house and neighbour Darren Robinson, who is trained in Thai Boxing, managed to kick the front door in before running into the house and dragging the woman from the burning building. The fire service believes the blaze may have started after the mother of the family fell asleep while smoking. Mr Robinson, a 42-year old kitchen and bathroom fitter, said: “I was awoken by the girl screaming, I immediately ran out to help. “I tried kicking the door but was having no luck as it was solid, I decided to keep attacking it and after about 25 kicks it broke down. “Me and the other lads ran in and could see the woman on the stairs, so we grabbed her and pulled her out. “I couldn’t sleep all night, I was full of adrenaline but I’m just so relieved we were able to get everyone out, and my leg feels ok after it.” Mr Robinson, father-of-one, has trained with Bolton’s Elite Thai Boxing gym for about a year, he added: “It was second nature, I just used what I have learnt at the gym to kick in the right way and put it into practice — I thought about my own family and just did what I could to get them all out.” Mr Reilly, aged 51 ran to get his ladders to help the teenage girl and her dad escape from a first floor window. “I grabbed the ladders and the girl and her dad were able to use them to get out, I had to clutch the ladders really hard as the escaped.” All three family members were given oxygen and taken to hospital for checks. Firefighters from Farnworth and Atherton arrived on the scene to tackle the blaze with jets. They discovered that every room in the house had been badly damaged. Chair of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, Councillor David Acton, said: “We cannot stress enough just how dangerous it can be to smoke while feeling tired or if you have had a drink. It seems that this family have been lucky but things could have turned out differently if it wasn’t for the actions of their neighbours."
SourceLiam Thorp, http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk, 29th June, 2014
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