Hollywood: From Adele to Jessica Simpson, 9 inspiring celebrity transformations

Here's a look at some amazing weight-loss stories from Tinsel Town

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Celebrities always seem to give off unattainable body goals but most of the transformations we see are the result of hard work and self-control. So while it may look like stars ‘bounce’ back to pre-baby bodies after having a child, or easily switch between different looks for movies, there’s a lot of work, and investment of time and money, that goes into these stars’ looks. Before you decide to give up on your health goals, take a look at some inspiring celebrity fitness transformations.

When the gorgeous Adele showed us her dramatic weight-loss earlier this in the year 2020, it was something to stare at. But she stepped it up. After a 45kg drop, she’s gone and coloured her hair blond and decided to keep curls. Unrecognisable – until she says something, that this. There’s no mistaking the notes of the ‘Hello’ singer. Her diet secret? Something called the sirtfood diet, that works to boost the protein called sirtuin. What can she eat? Well, blueberries, strawberries, turmeric, walnuts, onions, green tea, and even dark chocolate.
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Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne started her fitness journey in 2009, and reportedly ended up losing a whopping 70 pounds. For Osbourne, consistency and sticking to her weight loss program was key. She told ABC back in June , 2013, “Becoming healthy doesn’t start with a diet. It starts with you mentally. For me it was about first realizing that I didn’t want to be the person I was anymore. Then the weight loss just came as a plus afterwards.” And the best part about getting fit is the reveal, which she did a year later during a vacation in Australia.
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Janet Jackson
Singer Janet Jackson doesn’t believe in deprivation, according to a comment made to InStyle in 2018. After having a baby in her late 40s, Jackson lost 70 pounds with a heathy diet and a four-day-a-week exercise routine with a personal trainer. The 53-year-old doesn’t eat meat but prefers to eat fish and veggies. She told InStyle, “But I love catfish. I love a fried fish. But I’m also crazy about grilled fish. I love Snickers.” The pop star said she is glad that expectations from music stars to look a certain way are changing for the better. She added, “People are more accepting of others. Which is the way it should’ve been from the jump.”
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Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy has never shied away from talking about her weight and her journey to lose the pounds. In 2013, she told Us Weekly that she has been “every size in the world.” McCarthy had a mindset shift in 2015 that helped her lose 50 pounds. “I truly stopped worrying about it,” she told Life & Style. “I think there’s something to kinda loosening up and not being so nervous and rigid about it that, bizarrely, has worked.”
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Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson underwent a huge change after having her daughter Birdie May. She lost 100 pounds over the course of six months with the help of her trainer. The singer said she was happy to feel like herself again after a long time.
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Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson, the Aussie star is known for a witty, fun personality as much as she’s known for her curvy figure. She’s been going for hikes and hitting the gym and it’s certainly paying off. The actress has dropped 18kg this year – with a little help from her trainer, of course. Her personal trainer told Fox News that the tips that have helped her get on track focus on nutrition, working out five days a week, balanced supplementation and multivitamins and recovering well - which included stretching, sleeping well and making sure you're not stressed.
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Missy Elliot
Missy Elliot has always been a star performer. From her ‘Get Your Freak On’ video to her little part in the all-star cast ‘Lady Marmalade’, this is a woman who knows how to get stuff done. Still, the once-so-busy rapper who would get her eyelashes and make-up done as she slept, has changed her life around in the past decade. In 2008, Missy was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease – an auto immune issue that messes with thyroid glands.
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Missy Elliott
She got it under control though and with the right diet and exercise plan – which apparently meant cutting junk food to ‘two cupcakes a month’ – she lost so much weight, that she began to look almost like a different person. Her musical talent though? Still the same.
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FAt to fit Hollywood edition
When we first met Jennifer Hudson, she had just gotten off a cruise boat. She had been a-travelling and was now trying out for ‘American Idol 3’, where music mogul Simon Cowell had taken a dislike to her. Each performance was an exercise in rudeness. But she persevered. She went on to come in third in that year’s competition and then went on to win roles such as the one that would get her an Oscar (Dreamgirls). Cowell of course apologized for his behavior. And Hudson went on to shine across the entertainment industry. She used this determination of hers to also get fit. And even more fabulous.
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