Man shares inspiring 176-pound weight loss to become a police officer

A rookie police officer in Virginia has shared his difficult but inspiring journey to get into law enforcement that left him nearly 180 pounds lighter.

Richmond Police Officer Romar Lyle had aspirations of becoming a police officer, but about four years ago, he weighed more than 400 pounds.

"At that moment there was no way I would have been able to achieve that dream at my current weight," he said, according to a Facebook post Richmond Police Department published Monday. "If I wanted to work in this field, I had to keep working on my health and fitness."

He started by joining a CrossFit gym, where he dropped more than 100 pounds.

Lyle continued losing weight after joining the Richmond Police Department’s 120th Basic Recruit Class and has recently graduated. He's now lost 176 pounds.

"It was one of the most challenging things I have ever had to do, but it has taught me so many life skills and valuable lessons that I will carry for the rest of my life," Lyle said. "I wake up every day smiling because when I think back on all the things I have done to get here.

"It reminds me that anything is possible."

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