Men’s fashion style: How to look good in any office environment

How to look good in any office environment…

There have been recent changes in workplace culture; nowadays, it is not necessary to appear disagreeable at work. Workplace style in 2019 has taken a positive turn, and uninteresting traditional styles are being phased away.

However, just because conventional office attire is losing favour doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make use of some of its best features, which apply to both womenswear and males. It is still a business setting; therefore, you must make the correct impression.

Remember that your style is a means for you to introduce yourself without saying anything, so make sure your clothes reflect positively on you.

Whether you work at a creative agency, an audit business, a media house, or somewhere in between, here are some methods to dress for any modern office job…

You’ve heard that males aren’t meant to care about fashion. Don’t fall into that nonsense; upgrade your business attire from basic to FAB and observe how much attention your appearance commands.

  • The corporate office appearance

This one is self-explanatory. This is the style used in most formal offices. Consider the collared shirt, necktie, and suit that are commonly associated with corporate settings. Avoid a bland look by accessorizing appropriately with a lapel pin, cufflinks, and so on. You can also change the suit’s colour. Wearing a blue or olive suit with pinstripes rather than a simple black suit never damaged anyone.

  • The business casual office appearance

This is for you if your workplace alternates between business and casual. This type of office requires a collared shirt, jeans, chinos, or dress pants, dress shoes, and a suit jacket. You may replace the collared shirt with a perfectly fitted polo shirt, and you’re good to go.

  • The innovative workplace design

When it comes to dressing for a laid-back office in the media, tech, or advertising industries, the aim is to follow the same thought process that informs individuals about the work.

Yes, you can wear jeans and a T-shirt to work, but your style should include other accents, such as a jacket, to tie the look together and make it look professional. Hoodies can’t be the only thing that tech guys wear.

By Harry Onye

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