The Best Last-Minute Halloween Costumes Require Zero Planning and a Little Creativity

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art's 2019 Costume Institute Benefit "Camp: Notes On Fashion"

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Harry Styles at the Met Gala

Do you have a friend with a sheer black top? Pair that with a pair of black jeans, and you’ve literally completed Harry Styles’ camp look for the Met Gala. If you really want to impress, cover yourself in gold and get carried into a party. That makes you Billy Porter.


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Nick Fury

Eye patch. Leather jacket. Bald head (preferably). And you're done.

Elton John

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'70s Elton John

Elton John has some outrageous style, but earlier on it wasn’t quite as nuts. All you need to do is cover a denim jacket in buttons and find some large sunglasses and you're there.

Children's Television Host Fred Rogers

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Mr. Rogers

All this takes is a cardigan sweater (preferably red, for recognizability), a pair of chinos, and a pair of Keds or Converse. Dust that hair with some silver dye (or even some baby powder, in a pinch), and you are immediately one of the most beloved children’s television personalities of all time.

 Bob Ross [Misc.];Bob Ross

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Bob Ross

You love a happy tree. If you can find a quick afro and an art pallette, you’re just one denim shirt shy of the perfect throwback costume. The painter is basically the physical manifestation of an ASMR video, and he’s beloved by all.


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Pull out your go-to dark suit, a white collared shirt, a tie, and a tie bar.


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Double down on a T-shirt under a henley, your favorite pair of cargo pants (we know you still have them), and pair with black gloves. Skip the gun for blindingly obvious reasons.


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Sleazy Justin Bieber

Sleazy Justin Bieber is a lot, but he's honestly fun to replicate. You get to wear a sweatpants and a hoodie! Just hike up the pants, wear high socks, and break out your chunkiest sneaker for quick success.


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Post Malone

Throw that hair up into a bun and go to town with a Sharpie.


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Grab a bear ears headband and a floppy hat. Maybe add a camel shearling coat if you're really going for it.


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Pre-Queer Eye-d Guy

Take an old T-shirt and write this exact phrase on it. The people will know.


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A Character from Fortnite

Cargo pants and armor. Bonus if you have a (fake) sword around.


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Stand-In Melania

This shouldn't be too hard because you, too, are not Melania Trump. Plus, a trench coat, sunglasses, and some fake facial features have always been the best disguises.


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Vampire Jack Dorsey

Fake a standing collar by ironing a collar up. Pair with vampire teeth, blood, and a social platform that's rapidly descending into a (sometimes very entertaining) hellscape.


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Walmart Yodeling Kid

Get some use out of that bow tie you've only worn once, and learn how to yodel. Or not


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Weed-Smoking Elon Musk

Some headphones and a joint—the ultimate last-minute move.

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