The Inspiring Story of a Half-Blind Huntress

I recently learned of a young lady named Dymee Wooten, who is a hunter. She’s right-handed — and she’s been legally blind in her right eye all her life. And she is most certainly NOT looking for sympathy. Instead, she’s hoping her story will help inspire others to keep on keepin’ on.

After she recently shared her story on Facebook, word began to spread about this resilient woman who continues to overcome life’s hurdles — with the help of the Lord.

Her journey so far has taken her from being the stumbling bruised kid who had to wear a “pirate patch” on her good eye to becoming a school basketball star, and ultimately learning to hunt with gun and bow using her “wrong” hand, and finally working to spread the word about God’s grace and its effects on her life.

Here’s her story, in brief.

I was born blind in my right eye and with no depth perception. I remember growing up having to wear a black eye patch like a pirate on my good eye to try and get my right one to straighten up and to function as it should.


Because of my depth perception issue I would walk into walls and fall down, I had so many bruises on my shoulder and arm from smacking myself into a wall that I thought was 4 feet further from me than what it was. When I would walk, I would lift my foot before my other foot was secured on the ground, causing me to fall.


Countless doctors appointments [failed] to find a solution… they said I could do surgery but that it wouldn’t allow me to see, it would only make my eye straight and not turn into my nose. I denied the surgery.


I played basketball. My Mom and Dad showed me that I could still do what I wanted and not to let my eye stop me. My Dad would spend hours with me in our old barn teaching me how to navigate basketball with only 1 eye. I became the point guard of my team and was the first second-grader to make a 3-point shot in a game. I had high school scouts wanting me when I was in 5th grade.


Then when I got interested in hunting it became a challenge to shoot a gun or bow with my dominant right hand, so one day my Dad bent down beside me and said, ‘Try with your left hand.’ I said, ‘I can’t,’ and he said, ‘We don’t use that word.’


He made me try and it was so uncomfortable — but he made me keep trying and keep trying until finally it became natural, so now even though I’m right-handed I shoot all my hunting equipment left-handed and it is so normal for me. I can split arrows and shoot little bottle caps off of bottles.


I overcame the obstacle I had and now it’s like I don’t even have one (as long as nothing happens to my good eye lol).


God made a way for me when I could have easily given up my passion for hunting. He let my talent shine through on everything I did and do — and He will do that with anyone facing any obstacle, don’t let anything stand in your way.


I know others may have it worse but I really believe if you have faith and don’t use the word ‘can’t’ and just keep trying, He will show you a way.


It may look like I’m fine on the outside and to people just passing by I’m normal, but I will always have this about me that makes me different. I still struggle with bumping into stuff and always have to protect my good eye but I’m grateful for all I’ve accomplished and I give it all to God that He has not let it slow me down and I must say I’m truly blessed!


Keep fighting ya’ll and keep following your dreams, regardless of the bumps in the road!


Well said!

If you’re interested in learning more about this amazing woman, visit her Facebook page called, “God, Me And The Outdoors.”

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