These Four Men Have Transformed Their Bodies. We Gave Them a Style Upgrade to Show Them Off.

These guys made huge changes in their lives last year—and we helped them dress the part for 2022 and beyond.


Kareem Welch, 26, a car-rental specialist by day and a party promoter by night, is a man on the move. But three years ago, he could barely walk up a flight of stairs. “My heart would beat so fast, I thought I was gong to die,” says Welch, pictured above in 2019. So that year, on a trip to his family’s home in Trinidad and Tobago, he decided to improve his health and fitness. He powerlifted, he ran laps, and he started eating more fruits and vegetables. By the time he returned to New York City in 2020, he was down 90 pounds.

Get Kareem’s Look: Banana Republic henleyBonobos pantsGrenson sneakersLondon Sock Company socksTAG Heuer watch.


The Style Upgrade:

Welch needs a business-casual outfit that can keep pace with him. This organic Henley T-shirt from Banana Republic and these tailored chinos from Bonobos look good anywhere. Layer them under a Banana Republic puffer vest for extra warmth. “I would wear this to brunch, or a date,” he says. “I feel grown and sexy, like a James Bond kind of vibe.”


Retired martial-arts trainer Norman Smith, 64, had always been active—until last February, when a mini-stroke sidelined him for two weeks. He gained 20 pounds. “My belly was hanging out of my belt, and I just didn’t look like myself,” he says. Eventually, Smith worked his way up to doing high-intensity interval training and cardio five times a week. Coupling that with an anti-inflammatory diet, he lost 25 pounds in six months.

Get Norman’s Look: Bomber jacketsweatertrousers, and boots by Boss.


The Style Upgrade:

This crewneck sweatershirt, and pants combo from Boss offers a slimmer take on Smith’s wardrobe staples. “Before, nobody could see my body,” he says. “I love how fitted these clothes are. They show off my new shape, and I just feel and look younger.”


Prepandemic, financial- services professional Adam Okin, 50, enjoyed the perks of the job—happy hours and multi-course dinners. But as his weight ticked upward, his self-esteem slid. During shelter-in-place, he set health goals, which led him to Iconoclast Fitness, the New York gym that gave him a meal-prep plan and a HIIT-focused workout. A year later, Okin had lost 30 pounds and found a new self-confidence.

Get Adam’s Look: Jacket, sweatersneakers and pants by Suitsupply; Movado watchHuffy bike.


The Style Upgrade:

Before his physical transformation, Okin says, he would hide his body in baggy, neutral-toned suits. But now he’s learned to embrace colors and fits for his new shape. Favorite piece: the slim drawstring pants, which look sleek enough to wear out but feel like his work-from-home sweats.


When Anthony Figueroa, 34, became an HVAC technician in 2018, he noticed that his heavier colleagues in their 40s and 50s would complain about their backs and knees hurting. “I knew that would be me in a few years if I didn’t change,”he says. But it wasn’t until the pandemic that he enlisted a trainer, who put him on a 12-week meal-prep program. Figueroa dropped 100 pounds in nine months. Now he has enough energy to play with his daughter. “Before, I’d just push her to play with a tablet.”

Get Anthony’s Look: Rodd & Gunn coatAllSaints sweater and Levi’s Premium stretch jeansNew Balance 574D sneaker.


The Style Upgrade:

Figueroa looks forward to weekends with his family, and this Rodd & Gunn jacket fits his new active lifestyle. “This jacket just takes my outfits to a whole ’nother level,” he says. “It makes me feel kind of important.” Plus, his New Balance 574 sneakers have him looking like the coolest dad at the park.


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