Three Moroccan Swimmers Cross The Strait of Gibraltar in 4 Hours

Moroccan swimmer, Hassan Baraka, once again conquers a new challenge.

Three Moroccan Swimmers Cross The Strait of Gibraltar in 4 Hours

Rabat - Moroccan swimmers, Hassan Baraka, Samia Benchekroun, and Fakhita Drissi, completed the Strait of Gibraltar crossing in 4 hours 05 minutes 45 seconds on Wednesday.

The three swimmers swam 15.3 kilometers, from the Spanish city of Tarifa towards the finish line on the Moroccan Dalia beach, near Tangier Med port.

Upon their arrival on the Moroccan shore, Baraka posted a group picture on Instagram of the swimmers holding the Moroccan flag.

The caption said: “I was lucky to be accompanied by two exceptional women, Samia Benchekroun and Fakhita Drissi, two Moroccan sportswomen who brilliantly took up the challenge!”

Baraka further praised the dedication of Benchekroun and Drissi, stating that the Moroccan swimmers “juggled their professional and family responsibilities well and found the time to train with a smile!”

Prior to this challenge, Baraka completed a 1,000 meters extreme sports challenge at the North Pole the day after Eid al-Fitr. Baraka participated in the no-wetsuit challenge along with 16 international athletes and champions.

The 35-year-old athlete dedicated his participation in the North pole expedition to his son Aarone, urging him in a heartwarming message to, “Never give up, and fight for your dreams!”

Baraka is an experienced Moroccan swimmer who founded the Ice Swim race in Morocco. He also set the Guinness world record of 8h30m for the “fastest time to swim the length of the Aqaba Gulf.”

Souad Anouar

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