X Games 2019: Full Results, Medal Winners and Best Trick Highlights


The X Games wrapped up Sunday in Minneapolis, bringing a close to the four-day event.

Vince Byron got the action underway with his gold-medal performance in BMX vert, and Mike Varga formally closed the curtain by winning Dave Mirra's BMX park best trick with a 900 tailwhip.


Thursday, Aug. 1

BMX Vert

Gold: Vince Byron (90.66)

Silver: Jamie Bestwick (89.33)

Bronze: Mykel Larrin (88.66)


Moto X Step Up

Gold: Jarryd McNeil

Silver: Bryce Hudson

Bronze: Colby Raha, Ronnie Renner



Skateboard Vert

Gold: Jimmy Wilkins

Silver: Mitchie Brusco

Bronze: Clay Kreiner


Friday, Aug. 2

Men's Skateboard Street

Gold: Yuto Horigome (89.00)

Silver: Nyjah Huston (88.00)

Bronze: Sora Shirai (87.00)


Women's Skateboard Park

Gold: Misugu Okamoto

Silver: Cocona Hiraki

Bronze: Lizzie Armanto


Moto X Quarterpipe High Air

Gold: Corey Creed (32'6")

Silver: Tyler Bereman (31'9")

Bronze: Colby Raha (31'4")


BMX Big Air

Gold: Ryan Williams (93.66)

Silver: Morgan Wade (91.66)

Bronze: Vince Byron (84.66)


Moto X Freestyle

Gold: Rob Adelberg (92.33)

Silver: Josh Sheehan (90.00)

Bronze: Jackson Strong (87.33)


Saturday, Aug. 3

Men's BMX Park

Gold: Logan Martin

Silver: Rim Nakamura

Bronze: Jose Torres


Moto X Best Trick

Gold: David Rinaldo (94.00)

Silver: Jackson Strong (91.33)

Bronze: Josh Sheehan (90.00)


Skateboard Big Air

Gold: Elliot Sloan (91.66)

Silver: Mitchie Brusco (89.66)

Bronze: Rony Gomes (82.00)


Men's Skateboard Street

Gold: Yuto Horigome (89.00)

Silver: Nyjah Huston (88.00)

Bronze: Sora Shirai (87.00)


Adaptive Skateboard Park

Gold: Vinicios Sardi

Silver: Felipe Nunes

Bronze: Mike Minor


BMX Street

Gold: Garrett Reynolds (89.66)

Silver: Matt Ray (86.33)

Bronze: Chad Kerley (85.00)


BMX Dirt

Gold: Logan Martin (94.66)

Silver: Brandon Loupos (92.00)


Bronze: Dawid Godziek (90.66)


Moto X Best Whip

Gold: Tyler Bereman


Sunday, Aug. 4

Men's Skateboard Street Best Trick

Gold: Nyjah Huston

Silver: Yuto Horigome

Bronze: Matt Berger


Men's Skateboard Park

Gold: Ivan Federico

Silver: Jagger Eaton

Bronze: Alex Sorgente


Women's Skateboard Street

Gold: Aori Nishimura (92.00)

Silver: Momiji Nishiya (90.00)

Bronze: Mariah Duran (88.33)

Dave Mirra's BMX Park Best Trick

Gold: Mike Varga

Ryan Williams won gold in BMX big air and made history in the process. Williams opened his run with a backflip onto the ramp, becoming the first person to achieve the feat at the X Games.

He received a 93.66 overall score, giving him a two-point edge on silver medalist Morgan Wade.

"I thought, you know what, I'm going to bring in some Dave Mirra spice to this little mega ramp contest," Williams said of the backflip, per Andrew McMurtry of News.com.au. "I'd actually never done a backflip drop-in before so that's my first ever backflip drop-in on BMX. Best place to try it I guess."

David Rinaldo dug down and delivered a trick that must be seen to be believed en route to gold in Moto X best trick. And multiple viewings are required to appreciate his backflip body varial.

Rinaldo picked a memorable way to earn his first X Games medal.

Elliot Sloan stood at the top of the podium in skateboard big air with the slimmest of margins separating him from Mitchie Brusco.

Tony Hawk landed the first 900 at X Games 5 in 1999, a moment fans still remember today. Brusco did Hawk one better, adding another revolution for a 1260.

Hawk saluted the 22-year-old:

Logan Martin successfully defended his BMX park title in Minneapolis and added a gold in BMX dirt. Rim Nakamura stole the show, however. The 17-year-old silver medalist was the first Japanese rider to get on the podium in a BMX event.

The X Games return to U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis for next year's event. The 2020 edition will begin July 16 and run through July 19.

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